Welcome to MCNRD

“MCNRD is a practical approach helping unlock the potential of the group intellect…to bring forth talents and capabilities in a focused and coherent manner and make it possible for those wishing to assume greater responsibility for our circumstances to plug into an infrastructure accepting of their contributions, respectful of their opinions and committed to networking with them in implementing solutions.” —The CWSC

Welcome to the Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD)

We want to congratulate and thank you for registering in MCNRD, an online human resource network of volunteers using their knowledge, life experience and faith to help communities achieve their fullest potential.  The Directory lists both registered organizations and the volunteers committed to helping them.

Just one of several CWSC departments, the Directory is a practical demonstration of our belief that strengthening community results from strengthening each masjid, school, civic business and other institution committed to helping us materialize the model community vision.

Here’s your login information to access the database and to submit a request for a volunteer.

  1. MCNRD Access for Organizations Formally Requesting a Volunteer

You’ll need to enter your PASSWORD: Obtain from CWSC after registering.

  1. MCNRD Database for searching individual volunteer, expertise, and organizations

Your USER ID: Obtain from CWSC (case sensitive)

Your PASSWORD:  Obtain from CWSC (case sensitive)

If you forget your user name or password, just email info@cwsc.us. You may be required to answer a challenge question before receiving user name and password.

As a national nonprofit ourselves, we understand the challenges organizations face, especially in the area of volunteer support and affordable access to expertise. The MCNRD is configured to address such challenges, and while we cannot guarantee availability of a specific volunteer with a specific technical specialty, we are committed to helping all of us access a more diverse, knowledgeable and committed group intellect at a national level that far surpasses what any one local institution could ever assemble inside its walls.

Now it’s up to us together to share our knowledge and our time to help organizations anywhere in the country improve operations, administration and outreach to their communities.


If you’re a first-time volunteer or need a refresher on volunteer responsibilities and how to ensure the best service delivery, take a moment to review Guidelines for Accepting MCNRD Consulting Projects.

To help match volunteers more closely with a requesting organization’s needs, remember to catalog your strongest skills, talents, or expertise that you can competently share with others to help improve operations and administration for an organization’s internal programs or community outreach services.  Take a moment to verify your profile to ensure we have captured your skills accurately.

As an individual volunteer, organizations contact you via CWSC, so your phone or email is not displayed on your profile by default.  If you wish to publicly display your phone and/or email for the entire community, just email us with that request.

If you would like to add a skill you believe the community needs that you bring or you know someone else can bring and it’s not listed in the MCNRD, let us know…the network is a community wide project and will be a continuing work in process.


If you’re an organization requesting a volunteer for the first time, review the MCNRD Requesting Organization Information beforehand.  As a registered organization, your address, phone, and email are automatically displayed. You must email us to modify the display of your organization’s contact information.

Once you’ve found a potential volunteer, you’ll submit your automated request for that volunteer here at cwsc.usYou’ll need your password shown in item 1 above to access the page unless your browser settings have already saved your password upon your initial visit.

We’re confident that after you’ve used the system once, it’ll be a piece of cake finding and requesting a volunteer. And remember, we’re just an email away.


A quick note on using the database.  Once you have registered as either a volunteer or organization, and have both your user name and password, you’ll be able to search the MCNRD Database of volunteers and organizations.

It’s pretty simple getting around the database, but there is always a brief learning curve for anything new. There is a search feature enabling you to locate registered talent by any number of criteria including name, geographical location, or skill.


We are planning to make modifications to include the system displaying a volunteer’s civic or community service interest, so that individuals can network with another by either expertise and/or an interest; such an ability to network can prove invaluable in forming focus teams or other interest groups to study a particular issue or opportunity.

We’ll need your help getting the word out to all of your network to register their talents and for organizations to register to receive benefits.  Tell a potential volunteer or organization to see the “What we do” or the “Register” tabs right here on our website to get started.

Finally, CWSC needs critical financial mission support and expertise to make MCNRD and other national community service systems function for the entire community.  You can help by emailing your volunteer interest and resume in assisting us in this noble work…click here to see our current needs, and you’re invited to support the work financially too with your tax deductible contribution.

May Allah (SWT) reward each of us for helping strengthen the capacity inherent in our group intellect. Together we can remake the world.


The CWSC Team

DISCLAIMER: CWSC Inc. is not responsible for omissions, errors or any obsolete information displayed for MCNRD or any content on its website. MCNRD registered volunteer content is self reported by the volunteer and CWSC does not guarantee the training, expertise, certifications, or performance level of a volunteer. Organizational inquiries as to volunteer expertise and/or qualifications must be made directly with the volunteer.

CWSC is a non-partisan, IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt faith-based national conference bringing together diverse human resources with the desire, knowledge and experience to help achieve the highest level of excellence in community life.

We serve affiliated institutions and the historically disadvantaged communities they serve nationwide. CWSC does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, ethnic or national origin in its community outreach. We partner with other faith-based entities, civic, business, and governmental entities in fulfilling our mission.  We invite you to learn more about the CWSC mission and vision and to explore leadership, community service and other volunteer opportunities…Together we can remake the world.