Information for Organizations Requesting MCNRD Volunteers

Thank you for requesting an MCNRD volunteer and for providing us an opportunity to help you and our volunteers to contribute positively to communities nationwide.


MCNRD serves both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. If you’re a masjid, school, civic or other nonprofit entity, use the nonprofit portal to request a volunteer. If you’re a business or for-profit entity, click on the for-profit portal.  Both will allow you to conveniently submit a request for a volunteer.


All organizations seeking MCNRD volunteers must register. Once registration is approved, you will be entered into the MCNRD database as a participating organization.  You must keep your information updated with CWSC at

As a registered organization, your address, phone, and email are automatically displayed in MCNRD. You must email us to modify the display of your organization’s contact information.

CWSC provides organizations with a fully automated online request form to obtain volunteer support.  CWSC reserves the sole right to include or exclude participation in MCNRD. Completion of registration for MCNRD does not create an obligation to approve acceptance into the MCNRD database.

Non-profits register and access MCNRD free. For-profits register for a one-time tax deductible $75 setup cost and an annual MCNRD access subscription of $149.  Revenues from for-profit setup registrations and access subscriptions are intended to offset the costs associated with administering MCNRD and to subsidize free participation for our nonprofits.  Payment can be processed right here online for registration and annual access subscription or make check payable to CWSC, Inc. and mail to CWSC, Inc. Marina Village, 4905 34th Street S #185, St. Petersburg, FL 33711-4511.

MCNRD registered for-profits also receive a complimentary national business listing online at Townhall Central and national mention on air at American Muslim 360 Radio.


Through MCNRD, volunteers are encouraged to contribute their knowledge, skills and abilities for free as much as possible to help organizations.  Volunteer consultants donate a prescribed number of hours annually based on the concept of Sadaqah wherein the individual determines the excess charity or what is beyond zakat, and allocates his or her excess time, goods or personal labor for the benefit of one’s own soul through service to his or her community.

MCNRD is part of a broad mission of community outreach that gives volunteers an opportunity to make a difference in communities across the nation.

Whether you request a specific volunteer or we match you with a volunteer, you will be referred to the consultant directly to arrange and confirm all details with him or her.  While MCNRD facilitates connections between volunteers and a requesting organization, neither CWSC nor MCNRD is responsible or liable in any way for arrangements and agreements between host organizations and volunteers.

If possible, submit your request at least three (3) weeks in advance of your need.  Please note some volunteers require more lead time than others. Once we receive your request, our goal is to connect you with a volunteer within five (5) working days.

You can receive onsite (in-person) or remote / offsite assistance via email, text, telephone, fax, video- or teleconference, and online document sharing technologies.


Volunteers are expected to have a concerned service commitment to the institutions they assist including seeking to minimize undue expense to an organization.  While volunteers devote their time at no cost, the organization is required to pay for travel or transportation, accommodations, parking, and other related expenses associated with providing onsite assistance, unless waived by the volunteer.  Expenses approved for direct consumables, supplies, materials or other costs whether onsite or offsite are also the responsibility of the organization.


As the host or requesting organization, you are responsible for confirming in writing all arrangements and agreements with the volunteer directly including any necessary travel, local transportation and parking, accommodations, meals, on-site equipment, other logistical needs and any other matters necessary to complete your project.


It is generally inappropriate to use the MCNRD volunteer program to request guest, keynote, or other presenter role for fundraising and other such events or non-project consulting work. For such events, the CWSC Speakers Bureau is more appropriate.  Some MCNRD volunteers are also Speakers Bureau participants who can serve in a project consulting capacity while being simultaneously under contract for Speaker Bureau services.


Volunteer consultants do not charge for their time up to the prescribed level of annual volunteers hours promulgated by CWSC.  Thus once a volunteer has reached the prescribed volunteer hours, published annually by CWSC, then the consultant has met their volunteer hours for the year, at which point he or she can:

  1. Continue volunteering.
  2. Notify CWSC of non-availability. We will not refer any organizational requests to the volunteer.
  3. Accept an organizational subsidy to offset any lost income as result of continuing to volunteer.

If work or other income producing obligations prevent a volunteer from contributing excess hours for an organization who has requested her assistance, then MCNRD allows the requesting organization to provide the volunteer a subsidy to offset the loss of income while volunteering, an amount of which is to be mutually agreed upon between the organization and the volunteer.

The subsidy is not intended to equal normal wages or compensate for the true market value of the volunteer’s time and labor, but is intended to remove an undue burden by partially offsetting the expense of volunteering. The subsidy amount should be below market rates for comparable open market technical or other support.

However, it must be emphasized that the goal of MCNRD is to facilitate the maximum number of volunteer hours to organizations.  The payment of a subsidy is a secondary alternative designed to give organizations access to affordable technical expertise when the expertise they are seeking is not available on a purely volunteer basis.

Funds received for consulting work maybe taxable as ordinary income and can be subject to income and self-employment taxes. If you remit funds that equal or exceed $600 to a volunteer for consulting or other assistance, you may be required to issue a 1099 to the volunteer and the IRS. Confer with your tax or financial advisor on current and pending changes in law or regulation.



At the conclusion of a volunteer’s assistance, you will be asked to evaluate the assistance given to help us sustain the highest quality program and help all volunteers deliver superior results and customer service.



The purpose of the MCNRD database is to facilitate volunteering.  No commercial use of the database or spamming are allowed.  Any commercial use requires specific written permission.



This program and its guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of CWSC, Inc. Modifications will be emailed and/or published on the CWSC website.

Be sure to add our email address to your approved email sender’s list so our communication doesn’t go into your spam folder.  If you have tips and suggestions for MCNRD, email us at

DISCLAIMER: CWSC Inc. is not responsible for omissions, errors or any obsolete information displayed for MCNRD or any content on this website. MCNRD registered volunteer content is self reported by the volunteer and CWSC does not guarantee the training, expertise, certifications, or performance level of a volunteer. Organizational inquiries as to volunteer expertise and/or qualifications must be made directly with the volunteer.

CWSC is a non-partisan, IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt faith-based national conference bringing together diverse human resources with the desire, knowledge and experience to help achieve the highest level of excellence in community life. We serve affiliated institutions and the historically disadvantaged communities they serve nationwide. CWSC does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, ethnic or national origin in its community outreach. We partner with other faith-based entities, civic, business, and governmental entities in fulfilling our mission.  We invite you to learn more about the CWSC mission and vision and to explore leadership, community service and related volunteer opportunities. Together we can remake the world.