Evolution of Revolutionary Thought and Created Purpose


Welcome to the Study Sessions of the Addresses and Lectures opf Imam Warith Deen Mohammed(ra).For the continuation of African American History,we shall review two addresses intitled,Where are we and where are we going?Nothing has occured more significant in the life of the African American,than the birth of the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed.History is the root of continued life.At the conclusion of these monumental addresses,we shall open the phone lines and share with each other various beneficial points of knowledge,wisdom and direction contained in these addresses.    Sura ciii.With Allahs name,most merciful benefactor,most merciful redeemer.By the token of time through the ages ,verily man is at loss.Except those that demonstrate faith,do righteous deeds and JOIN TOGETHER in the MUTUAL teaching of TRUTH and practie patience and consistancy thereat.   Host:Karriem S.Hameed.

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