Committees work with CWSC governance, operations and administration personnel and are essential to helping CWSC effectively manage and continually improve its operations. Whether it’s developing and executing comprehensive funding programs or conducting internal audits and training, both standing and ad hoc committees are volunteers performing vital roles in helping CWSC not only sustain its operations, but perform at the highest level of excellence and accountability.

Committee Description

• Increases CWSC’s capacity and intellectual diversity by developing a recruiting plan with goals to grow its volunteer base through general promotion of CWSC’s mission, vision, and work to personal, civic, and social media networks.

• Produces campaigns and conduct formal introduction of CWSC to institutions and communities.

• Makes efforts to recruit volunteers with specific technical or managerial and leadership training as published in CWSC’s internal postings.

• Works closely with teams and committees to help assess their human resource asset mix to determine the need for targeted recruiting of certain skill sets.

• Works closely with the Strategic Planning Committee on strategic outreach to identified concentric circles.

• Recommends and conducts online or offline orientation for CWSC Ambassadors and new volunteers.

• Administers the Youth Leadership Development Council program.


HENRY HASEEB (Alabama),, Director (Interim)
ZAKIYYAH ALI (Michigan),

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