Welcoming the Joyous Days of Eid…

Eid Sayeed Mubarak! Let there be peace among all mankind…

INTERNATIONAL ― “Ya Allâh, this Blessed Month of Ramadān is now coming to an end, please help us remain steadfast in Your Deen. Grant us knowledge of the Deen. Ya Allâh, You are Truly Merciful, please forgive us. Choose for us, what is best. Ya Allâh help us succeed in this Life and the Hereafter. Ya Allâh, if we have been in anyway ungrateful, unjust, dishonest; please forgive us.

Ya Allâh, none of us know if we’ll be alive next Ramadān, please forgive us. Show us the Straight Way and don’t leave us to ourselves for even a twinkling of an eye. Grant us a place in Paradise. Save us from Hell Fire. Ya Allâh, include us in the people who will be put in Heaven without questioning. Ya Allâh,  help us spread your Deen in the best of ways. Ya Allâh please let us not be among the backbiters. Ya Allâh forgive us if we have been among the arrogant. Ya Allâh forgive us and the one who sent this to us. Grant us success. Verily You are Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.” Ameen.

For all of us at Community Wide Shuraa Conference, we wish you, your family and community a Joyous Eid. 

Dr. Ameena Ali Host of AM360’s The Birth of Women
CWSC Advisor on Ethics & Human Relations

On the Blessed Month of Ramadan. Ramadan is one of five pillars of Al-Islam. Believers fast from daybreak until sunset. The Fast is a means of spiritual cleansing under discipline out of obedience and a desire to please the Creator. Fasting gives one greater empathy for those suffering from hunger and poverty. This month, the whole of the Qur’an is read and greater attention is given to spiritual devotion and acts of charity. Religious fasting is another common foundation of unity among Muslims, Christians, Jews and others: O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those before you (Qur’an 2:183). Ramadan culminates on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr (recurring happiness). Believers celebrate with prayer, feasts, and gifts.

Stay tuned to American Muslim 360 at AM360.org or (701) 719-4197 for Eid-ul-Fitr Programming including upcoming highlights of the Return to Innocence Campaign.

Candidate Fayrouz Saad on AM360…

Recently Imam Adam Beyah, host of AM360.org’s Money Sense welcomed Michigan 11th District Democratic Candidate Fayrouz Saad. Share the news with a friend. Saad is an economic development advocate, a community organizer, and a public servant who worked for the Obama administration and most recently served Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.

Saad is the the daughter of immigrants and could make history as the 1st American Muslim woman in Congress! She faces a primary challenge on August 7. Tune in, participate, and stay engaged in the political process because your vote is your responsibility. AM360 is keeping you in the know.

Log on at AM360.org or dial in at (701) 719-4197 to hear quality Islamic programming 24/7/365.

Blessed Father’s Day Greetings…

CWSC wishes all our Fathers a Blessed Father’s Day. Enjoy this day set aside to honor the one who deserves our greatest respect AFTER mom (smile).

“Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honour.” Al-Qur’an, 17:23

“And We have enjoined upon man kindness toward parents. His mother bears him with hardship and gave birth to him with hardship, and the bearing of him and the weaning of him is thirty months, till, when he attaineth full strength and reacheth forty years, he saith: My Lord! Arouse me that I may give thanks for the favour wherewith Thou hast favoured me and my parents, and that I may do right acceptable unto Thee. And be gracious unto me in the matter of my seed. Lo! I have turned unto Thee repentant, and lo! I am of those who surrender unto Thee.” Al-Qur’an, 46:15

Telethon supporting our Group Intellect!

NATIONAL ― As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace be with you).

Update…Dr. Aisha Kareem herself, our AM360 CEO, upon hearing how close we were to the nearest thousand, made another $103.00 contribution to bring our total to $9,000! We’re so grateful to all who gave or wanted to give. Want to help with the last $1,000? You still can. Just click the Thermometer to make your gift. Then email us to let us know it’s for the 2018 Ramadan / Eid Telethon Drive!

You’re invited to help us continue the work that funds the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation and supports the infrastructure for eleven intelligentsia divisions serving our group intellect and beyond.

Join in supporting this magnificent work to build a national intelligentsia to support you and all our institutions and communities. Join us right before the Night of Power beginning Monday, June 11 at 7 a.m. EST as we kick off the CWSC – AM360 Annual Ramadan Telethon. Join hosts, the CEO of AM360, Dr. Aisha Kareem, members of the AM360 Governance Committee, and CWSC Board of Directors and of course our listenership, as we conduct one of our major fund drives to raise $10,000 and help us sustain and continue expanding operations to serve our group intellect. Click here to tune in a special message on the Telethon.

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From helping hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands to Earthquake victims in Mexico; to awarding scholarships to college students; to leading groundbreaking national townhall discussions; to leading resolution and mediation efforts and assisting non-profits nationwide with fundraising and expert consulting all at no cost to their institutions; to our recent visit to Brazil to collaborate on criminal justice reform at the global level; to national and global broadcasting services that share the good news of Al-Islam and universal brotherhood on some 40 radio programs including Share-Your-Jumah that serves some of the most vulnerable among us while combating islamophobia, religious extremism, terrorism, racism, sexism and every other “-ism” bearing down on the human condition…we’ve been there for you.

We’re proud of our accomplishments to serve you and your community, but we cannot stop now. We can do more with your help. Now we ask you to be there for us as we hold our Annual Ramadan Telethon fundraiser to help financially secure our national intelligentsia.

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You can also call in and pledge by phone at (910) 317-0297 or email info@cwsc.us and tell us your name, telephone and email and a representative will assist you with making your contribution.

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More on Why Your Support Matters…

We launched the National “Return to Innocence” Campaign to help bring about greater intrafaith unity during Ramadan among American Muslim institutions nationwide; We formally supported and acknowledged the work of our sister association non-profits and other charitable causes as we supported education for girls globally to homeless and domestic violence initiatives domestically.

We stood tall with our students and communities across the nation in in support of The Never Again Movement joining and leading some 60 organizations nationally and internationally and all the major faiths to help address the issue of mass gun violence collaborating with the Focolare and Latino Muslims of America to the World Council of Religious Leaders to religious houses of worship and community outreach groups around the country; we coordinated two delegations to Congress to help protect our fellow citizens including an Interfaith Delegation to take place on June 19 on Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers on the issue of mass gun violence.

Back at the global level, we researched and published position papers and resolutions at the global level and presented them at the United Nations General Assembly, partnering with our UN NGOs the Proctor Group and the International Women’s Rights Group the GRAIL. The CWSC’s publication on Global Drug Policy and Criminal Justice Reform was selected for presentation at the U.N General Assembly. We weighed in from a Qur’anic-based and group intellect perspective on the Global Drug Abuse Crisis and Criminal Justice Reform and we again went to the international level of Shuraa to address the Rights of Women Globally.

We made AM360 and CWSC available to all institutions to help them publicize their programs and we gave them the air time to showcase their programs and events. We’re now launching the new weekly magazine show, Community Buzz, to help institutions more effectively share their programs and events; we helped mediate disputes among institutions helping prevent them from being lost to internal conflict and civil litigation, and we helped masajid and schools with fundraising strategies that generated some $107,000+ operating capital; We’ve launched Sakinah Rhythms, a 24-hr AM360 sister-station being developed for cultural arts & performance broadcasts, and we fulfilled a vision to make AM360.org a 24-hour station with both platforms now broadcasting a total of 16,000 hours annually. Because of the work of our entire team we’re now approaching the 600,000 listen level at AM360.org with countries and areas tuning in from Brazil, Philippines, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, the Islands, South America, the Middle East, China and more!

We led the National Dawah Campaign taking Remaking Our World Calendar to Muslim, Christian and Jewish Congregations throughout the country contributing to Dawah, while contributing to intrafaith and interfaith fundraising. We took Remaking Our World to the halls of government including the President of the U.S., the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court and state, and other four bird institutions in society including business, culture, education and government. We expanded our radio reading program with Ramadan Daily Qur’an reading, national newspaper, and on-demand year-round reading of Qur’an for the blind or sight challenged believer. We gave honors and received honors including being named a major media influencer and we now have our first official poet laureate, established Founder’s Day to honor our brother Imam Thomas Abdul Salaam and five college scholarships with historical preservation components honoring other pioneers.

And the only reason why we’re stopping is we don’t want to make this any longer than it is.

We achieve possibilities because of supporters like you investing in a powerful mission to unleash and harness the full capacity inherent in the group intellect. Thank you to all our contributors and supporters including our listenership, hosts and all volunteers, our imams, masajid and other leaders and institutions across the nation, and all our faith communities and brethren who support us…Thank you for sharing in the vision and mission.

We’ve shortened our Telethon period to just 5 days to avoid prolonged interruption of normally scheduled programming, so don’t delay in sending in your support, because as soon as the goal is met, we’re ending the Telethon. Thank you with special gratitude to all donors who have started their gifting early.

We wish all a Blessed Commemoration of the Night of Power.

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“Education is the greatest tool for advancing the society.” We do want to advance our society, don’t we? Are you a part of a society or are you just a part of a Masjid?”―Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA)