Ramadhan Mubarak!! Welcome to a CWSC/AM360 Special & Qur’anic Reading



Ramadhan Mubarak!!  Welcome to a CWSC/AM360 Special & Qur’anic Reading  Deliverance  JUZ 21: Surah Ankabut – 29:46 –   Surah Ar Rum  30;  Surah  Al Luqman 31;   Surah As Sajdah  32;  Surah Al Ahzab  1 – 30;

Presented in support of our Annual Ramadan Telethon.

We’ll have some special guests as we share our beginnings and the extraordinary growth of our national intelligentsia, as well as share the future vision for elevating our voices, group intellect and work.

This special presentation is in support of our Annual Ramadan Telethon that begins on Monday June 11, 2018. Pre-Telethon Pledges may start this week to help us raise $10,000  to help us stay connected, our intellects respected and our voices protected as we financially secure our national intelligentsia. Ramadan Telethon Scripts & Talking Points and PSAs are headed your way.

We look forward to seeing you soon Wednesday, So join us June 6 @ 7am EST on AM360.org or by phone at 701.719.497 and get ready on June 15 for the CWSC AM360 Ramadan Telethon…together we can remake the world!

P.S. Call in at 515-605-9891 and share on air what AM360 and CWSC has meant to you and encourage our listenership to pledge their support! It’s going to be a special time and even you as a host are sure to learn something about our intelligentsia you never knew.          Blessed Ramadan & Jumah!

As-Salaam-Alaikum!     The CWSC Team

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