Ramadan Mubarak -Quranic Reading Juz 29 S. 67:1 to S. 77:50 -Special Interview


Join us every morning at 7am to hear an edition of Quranic reading with readers using Yusuf Ali English rendering; Friday, Day 29  Juz 29. Surahs  67 Al-Mulk ayah 1 to 77 Al Mursalat ayah 50. Ramadan Mubarak.

The CWSC Executive Director, Mukhtar Muhammad, AM360 CEO, Latifah Hameen,  amd MCNRD Director, DePretha Hadee,  invites you to a special interview with a CWSC,Inc. Advisor

Professor Dr. Roy Kaplan, of University of South Florida African Studies, has hosted and invited, guest panelist, Imam Dr. Warith D. Mohammed(RA) and in the very recent years hosted Imam Ronald B. Shaheed, as a guest speaker of a panel, to the University of South Florida. 

Dr. Kaplan, has built a relationship with the local Muslim community via Imam Abdul K. Ali, Imam Abdul Q. Aziz, Imam Askia Muhammad Aquil, Imam Wali Shabazz, Martha Nailah Abdullah and many others, including the Muslim Student Association.

As Diector of an earlier named organization, The National Conference of Christian and Jews, Dr. Kaplam was instrumental in changing the organization’s name to The National Conference due to his relations with the local Muslim commumity, who under the leadership of Imam Dr. Warith D. Mohammed(RA), formed interrelations for better communication and community life.

Dr. Kaplan hosted a camp for students from the high schools in the Tampa Bay Area, over thirty(30) years ago, to forge a relationship of commonality and friendship for future adults and the understanding of the various faith traditions. 

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