Ramadan Mubarak. Quran Reading- Juz 7- Al-Maida 86 -Al-Anam 110


Join us every morning at 7am to hear an edition of Quranic reading with readers using Yusuf Ali English rendering; Day 7 Juz 7-  Al-Maida 86  -Al-Anam 110. Ramadan Mubarak.. Connect on-line at AM360.org and by 24 hour streaming at (701)719-4197. Join us live in the studio by dialing (515) 605-9891 or (425) 292-4253. You can share your comments at info@cwsc.us or by Tweet @CWShuraa. Visit the website of our parent company, Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc., at cwsc.us or leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297.

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