National Town Hall – Prosperity in Historically Disadvantaged Communities – Part 1


The 2nd of the year CWSC NATIONAL TOWN HALL connecting our intellects, hearts, and minds for maximum productivity across America…A CWSC Straight to the Point Discussion and you’re invited to the landmark encore presentation of Prosperity in Historically Disadvantaged and Communities of Color: The Path Ahead.

From depressed wages, the wealth gap, business and home ownership, jobs, unemployment, the economic historic and current effects of discrimination, the role of education and impact of technology and more, plus the good and bad of group economics and collective empowerment experiences and the relevance of such approaches in the 21st Century…all are on the table for a discussion that will seek to distinguish between self-inflicted vs. systemic economic and financial failure and the role of personal responsibility.

Invited panelists include the “Five” AM360 National Talk Show Hosts who weekly deal directly with aspects of the subject matter: Imam Nazim Pasha host of Financial Literacy = Financial LiberationImam Adam Beyah host of Money SenseAttorney Edward Ahmed Mitchell host of CAIR on AIr: the Civil Rights HourImam Delacie Ummah Phillips host of Preparing to Make It in the Land of Plenty; and Zayd Khan host of The Bilal in America Project and you!

Moderated by Imam Abdul-Hakim Abdullah.

Lend your intellect and voice. Email in now your questions and comments to Leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297.  Join the discussion live on or at (701) 719-4197. And stay tuned for Part 2 live on Saturday, June 29, 2019 @ 10 a.m. EST. Together we can remake the world.

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CWSC aims to provide a shared freedom space for the group intellect. Views expressed in Town Halls do not necessarily reflect the official policies and /or opinions of CWSC or AM360.

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