Preferred Underwriter and Sponsor Event Promotion Request

Thank you for registering in our Preferred Underwriter & Sponsor Program (PU).

If you’re a PU registrant, then you’re eligible for discounted services. Use this form to tell us about your upcoming program and we’ll apply available discounts to your promotion request based on any available in-kind barter benefits to CWSC. Bartering allows organizations, especially non-profits often operating with constrained capital, to use their inherent natural resources or strengths to save on costs that might otherwise deplete dollars needed to fund mission essential work.

In determining the exchange of in-kind materials, goods or services, we do not simply compare retail or standard valuations, but also look to the intrinsic benefits of allying and working cooperatively with diverse community service institutions. Discounts can vary based on the time of year, total number of barter arrangements and other considerations.  Not all requests to barter can be accepted, since there is a risk of over allocating free services. Please click here for more information on our in-kind and barter program.

Thank you for serving our community…together we can remake the world!

When you donate to CWSC in-kind (non-cash) materials, goods, equipment or services, you help us further the important work of our institution. Thank for your generous gift(s).

(Note: While, according to IRS regulations, you will not be allowed to declare the value of your donation from our acknowledgment, we can say that, but for your generosity, we likely would have had to expend funds for what you give as an In-Kind contribution, which means your in-kind gift(s) saves us expense which we can apply directly to programs and services we provide for the well-being of those we serve.)

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