Live Coverage Request

Dear Event Planner: CWSC and AM360 are committed to sharing live event special programming broadcast with our national listernership. If you have an event happening in your local area and believe the entire national community might benefit from the real-time presentation, then complete the form below and our Station Management will coordinate directly with the event’s planner to officially carry the event live on the airwaves of American Muslim 360.

Our team will work with you to sort out the details well in advance. We make it easy to broadcast your event live with the AM360 audience often time requiring only one local support contact and 2 fully charged phones strategically placed to capture the conversation or comments with as little interference as possible.

Now through the miracle of technology and the expertise of the AM360 Broadcast Team, you can share your event live with the world in real-time. And after your live event, the presentation is still available globally via the AM360 Podcast. If there’s an AM360 press pass representative present in your local area, we may even have a representative conduct an interview with you.  

Complete the form below to reserve your broadcast date as soon as possible but not later than 14 days in advance of your requested date. Note: We’re not always able to accommodate every request, but we will try our best.

Questions? Email us at or call (910) 317-0297. 

Important information for broadcasting before, during and after your live event: 

  1. You will receive a confirmation that your event has been scheduled.
  2. Be sure to place the scheduled broadcast date in your smartphone / calendar.
  3. You can also visit the CWSC Events Calendar and AM360 Radio schedule to confirm your broadcast date.
  4. About 48 hours prior to your scheduled broadcast, an AM360 Broadcast Coordinator will call or email you with a confirmation reminder. Please reply to both reminders so we know you’re ready.
  5. Then at event time, call in ten (10) minutes early to the AM360 green room. Press 1 to enter the host cue and the producer or engineer, will know you’re ready to conduct sound checks.
  6. Place the phone as close to the microphone as possible. Blue tooth devices are also excellent for transmitting by phone.
  7. Ensure a second telephone and point of contact are provided as a back up for the AM360 producer or engineer should there be a problem with the primary broadcast phone.
  8. Let your audience and guests know the event is being streamed live at
  9. Include in your publicity that your event will be carried live on
  10. Email a few photos of your event
  11. If you have questions, we’re here to assist. Please email:

In the event we’re unable to live stream all of your event because of our programming schedule, we will suggest alternatives to cover a portion live if possible or podcast the event at a later date. Thank you for your request and for your community service…together we can remake the world.