Improving Your Institution Involves Asking the Right Questions

“G-d is the protector of those who have faith: From depths of darkness He leads them forth into light.”The Noble Qur’an (2:257)

“Whenever a Muslim endeavors to do anything, he seeks to perfect it.”
Prophet Muhammed (prayers & peace be upon him)

“…We can study the life of Prophet Muhammed…we can see his principles, what he stood for…so we can study that and we can use it to protect all of our interests including political and business interests; whatever it is. So this is not an easy task and cannot be left to Imams…This is a responsibility of all of us.”
Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (R)


The beginning of a calendar year can be an excellent time to assess personal and organizational accomplishments and goals.

Setting benchmarks can help layout a path of excellence based on practical considerations like availability of resources and even more importantly, the will to seek institutional excellence under the discipline of faith in spite of any resource deficiencies.

From an institutional point of view, leaders must be willing and capable of asking the right questions to arrive at an accurate assessment of where your organization is and where it wants to be. Click here to download a helpful tool for assessing your institution. Blessed 2013!

As usual, left open for further thought and research…

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