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NATIONAL – Every year, millions from around the globe travel to converge upon the sacred precincts of Mecca to fulfill Islam’s fifth and final pillar…the Hajj, but few serve as mutawwifs or those that guide the hajjis on a nearly month-long spiritually and physically challenging journey requiring unique preparation, attention to detail, careful listening, and a rare personal vulnerability and faith in Allah (SWT) and trust in the Ummah.

Indeed the Mutawwif plays a special and honored role helping the hajj pilgrim safely perform his or her obligations. From giving explanation and reassurance, to arranging transportation, meal planning and medical referral, the mutawwif must have a superior regard for service to the believer and exacting attention to detail to coordinate with local governing authorities transcontinentally and otherwise assist the hajji including the aged and disabled with what is perhaps the most logistically challenging personal journey in a believer’s life.

Now join Imam and Mutawwif Hamin S. Dawan, host of AM360’s the Hajj in the 21st Century for a special evening Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 7 p.m. EST in a memorial tribute honoring one of the nation’s most beloved hajj guides, the late Yusuf Wazeerud-Din (R).

If you want to know what its like to be a hajj guide, hear the story of Yusuf Wazeerud-Din, even his name connected him to a coat of many colors. 

Beginning in 1989 and until his passing in 2013, Yusuf with his fellow Atlantan mutawwifs Zarinah Abdur Rahman and Imam Dawan through Hajj Murshiddun, led thousands on the Hajj from North America never losing a single hajji. Along the way he built relationships throughout America and the world guiding the faithful on Hajj and Umrah as well as to other parts of the globe including Ghana, Senegal, Morocco and Egypt.

Known as the Atlanta Masjid Ambassador, Yusuf was a humble servant always greeting with a smile and of excellent countenance who devoted his life bridging the divide across cultures and distant lands. He literally helped bring humanity together and did so out of love for Allah (SWT) and his fellow man.

The Hajj in the 21st Century will honor Yusuf with special guests who knew him well including: his children Dr. Sulaiman Wazeerud-Din and Alandria Wazeerud-Din Rasheed; Imam Plemon T. El-Amin, Imam Emeritus Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam, Atlanta Georgia; AM360 Host Quran Shakir, Zarinah Abdur Rahman of Hajj Murshiddun, Atlanta, Georgia; Imam Murad Abdul Zahir, Imam Emeritus Masjid Freehaven, Lawnside New Jersey; Janet Mahdi and Mustafa Sudan of Atlanta, Georgia; Associate Professor Naimah Sudan of Georgia State University; Bin Saad Muhammed of Richmond, Virginia; Lonnie Saboor, Director Small Business Development for Invest Atlanta and you.

May this evening add to Yusuf’s sadaqah jariyyah and be a blessing for his family and the Ummah and inspire a new generation of hajj mutawwifs and inspire more believers to fulfill the Final Pillar.

[Note: The CWSC and AM360 express our condolences to the family of Yusuf and Edwina Wazeerud-Din on the recent passing of Sister Edwina, the widow of our brother Yusuf. May Allah reward both with the Jinnah without questioning and protect their families always.]

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