Hajj is the greater victory to serve mankind


Hajj Mabrur Eid Sayeed Mubarak from CWSC!

FirstinAmericaVisit the new AM360 at CWSC “Where your intellect is respected and your voice protected.”

Meet the Team in front of and behind the mic! While tuning in might seem like magic or just the miracle of technology, to keep AM360 #1 takes a host of dedicated persons…From our team of producers, hosts, engineers, and advisors, to our CEO with support from the CWSC Board of Directors, we’re working daily to keep you informed.

ReqASpkrGet Ready ready to raise the level of our work to remake the world!

Introducing the CWSC Speakers Bureau…We’re preparing to take our voices into the four birds of society at unprecedented levels. We will need the articulate voices of leaders like yourself and others around the country. The CWSC speakers bureau is aimed at the broader American and even international audience.

Thank you for supporting CWSC, AM360, Scholarships, and much more!…

am360.1Thank you for making a tax deductible contribution to help CWSC serve our communities! Our most popular giving level is $9.99/month, but give what is comfortable for you. Make a secure and convenient contribution online, or by U.S. Mail at:

CWSC, 2620 Bragg Boulevard, Suite D, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303

Or phone in a pledge at (910) 317-0297. Your donation helps all our operations including AM360 and allows us to continue expanding our ability to do good. Jazak Allahu Khairan.

Muslim American Pioneers Scholarship and History Preserveration…

MAPS2 ImgIntroducing a powerful family and community legacy program that preserves our history and secures our future through higher education financial aid.

CWSC now offers families of Muslim American pioneers a college scholarship administration service to preserve our American Muslim pioneers’ history in perpetuity through a scholarship named in a pioneer’s honor that shares their history.

CWSC’s MAPS Program combines higher education and financial aid with the preservation of personal stories in American history that are being quickly lost through the passage of time and lack of greater personal access to cultural preservation projects. Now CWSC makes it easy to set up an annual Scholarship in your American Muslim pioneer’s name. MAPS…connecting a powerful legacy of leadership and community service with our future!

Education makes a people easy to lead but difficult to drive…easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. (Brougham)

And now a reminder of our personal and collective responsibility…

“Education is the greatest tool for advancing the society.” We do want to advance our society, don’t we? Are you a part of a society or are you just a part of a Masjid?”―Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra)

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