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CWSC Launches Eyes on Our Communities

“Those who hearken to their Lord, and establish regular Prayer; who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for Sustenance…”―Al-Qur’an, 42:38


NATIONAL ― [UPDATE on Eyes on Our CommunitiesSee more photos of some those on the front lines of EOOC.] At a time when many are cut off physically and possibly experiencing the uncertainty of how to even get help in the face of a fast changing public health crisis, a voice on the other end of the phone asking, how are you doing and what do you need can be an extra set of eyes preventing the most vulnerable from slipping through the cracks.

CWSC has launched Eyes on our Communities or EOOC.

We’re thankful for CWSC volunteers and others around the nation helping with a neighborly need to make whatever difference we can.

CWSC’s Executive Director Mukhtar Muhammad stated recently…”of course we require that government acts responsibly and expeditiously, but it does not relieve us from doing what we can through our faith and the resources that Allah (SWT) have given us―and one of the greatest things he’s given is one another. And although we don’t have billions or even millions of dollars in our coffers, we do have communication, organization and a national intelligentsia infrastructure in place that can tap into a powerful group intellect and help be an extra set of eyes and a comforting voice on the other end to those most in need, and who can become easily confused on services they’re entitled to but are unaware of or don’t know how to access them….”

EOOC is a two-pronged approach to also assist small businesses providing support to communities and are willing to deliver those products and services using spatial distancing strategies including personal delivery and pickup, drive-thru, and internet-based products delivered via shipment services.

Small businesses are being given the opportunity to let communities know they’re open for business and can deliver while employing recommended best practices to stop the spread of COVID-19. CWSC has authorized its broadcasting center AM360.org to waive costs and announce these organizations on air free as well as listing them on our website. Interested businesses can complete registration online here.

These viral circumstances are not going to last forever, so not only do families need help from these small local businesses now and vice versa, but many of these businesses are the only lifeline to some communities suffering from the phenomena known as “food deserts” wherein families have little to no access to fresh fruits, vegetables and other staple goods within a reasonable proximity of their residencethat was a fact of life for many before Corona; if we lose these businesses, those communities will as usual suffer disproportionately from this national and international crisis.“We’re thankful for CWSC volunteers around the nation taking on a neighborly need to make whatever difference we can,” states Muhammad. Click to hear official CWSC Statement on the Pandemic. 

Read more about EOOC and its launch below.

NATIONAL ― CWSC is asking its national volunteer human resource network (VHRN) to be an extra help now to our seniors and the disabled as families and communities are increasingly affected by social distancing and other public health advisories in an effort to arrest the Coronavirus Pandemic. See the CWSC preliminary plan below and if you can be a cyber volunteer helping to connect a senior or disabled person to local support services, then email info@cwsc.us now. Read the preliminary plan of action below and then become part of the solution to help now.

We are in unprecedented times that are challenging local communities, the nation and the globe. No matter where you stand on the politics of what we’re enduring or other theories, the fact is our communities, especially seniors and disabled persons are at greater risk more than ever as communities become affected if not by the virus itself, then certainly from the fallout of trying to arrest it.


a kind voice on the other end of the phone to give greetings…the possibility of helping someone without having to even leave home―is it worth a few minutes of our time?

The CWSC Board of Directors recently approved a plan for CWSC to operate within its mandate and constraints to provide assistance to constituents to the communities we serve that are often hit harder during national crises than others. Now while we don’t have the coffers of state and federal governments and other global institutions, we do have our hearts, minds, national organization and communication and the power to unleash our faith through this network and that’s what we’re writing to you about today. We must do our part and do what we can to be part of the solution to helping our communities. 

The Plan Eyes on Our Communities is further explained below; it’s preliminary and will be adjusted Insha Allah (by His Will) as necessary, but because time is of the essence, we don’t have the luxury of paralysis of analysis. Someone could be helped now.  We must state upfront we can most effectively implement this plan when we have sufficient support from you and all your fellow registered volunteers in the national volunteer resource network that has been built through CWSC via the Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD) over several years. VHRN can now be deployed for a urgent new purpose.

We’ll need your expeditious response as we ask those able to step forward and help according to their availability and means. We’ll also be looking for collaboration with our NLAC Organization Partners who can help us get the word out and advise us.

In addition to reading the Plan below, we ask you to subscribe to this site for instant updates if you have not already done so by logging in (near bottom of this page right) and creating an account. it will be critical that you stay connected in general, but certainly while participating in Eyes on Our Communities and stay tuned to AM360.org broadcasting.

For those registered in MCNRD in the areas of health and medicine, first responder, social work, and community activism and outreach, we ask you to contact us immediately at info@cwsc.us to help form a leadership and advisory team. We also need those in politics and public policy and benefit programs to respond quickly to help keep the leaders of Eyes on Our Communities and the AM360 Audience informed on new economic, medical, business support and other benefits and reliefs being rolled out for families and communities.

Finally, we know some have inquired about sharing press coverage on the 10th Anniversary Celebration of AM360 (see Celebration Photo on our homepage). We want you to know that full press coverage on air, in print and online is temporarily held in abeyance. And while we’re eager to report on the event, circumstances warrant we schedule such coverage at a more appropriate time. Please stay tuned for more information on the event in the future.

Whether or not you’re in the professions mentioned above, if you have a suggestion on design or implementation on the below Plan, then please chime in via email as a good idea can come from anyone in the Group Intellect. The quicker responses we receive, the more effective and efficient we can be.
A kind voice on the other end of the phone to give the greetings can sooth the heart and ease anxieties. Imagine further the possibility of helping someone without having to even leave your home, and even perhaps having the ability to save a life with just a conversation…is it worth a few minutes of our time? Thank you very much for sharing this information and for your consideration and we pray for the safety of all our families and communities here and abroad.

And now more about Eyes on Our Community

Eyes on Our Communities enlists CWSC Volunteers to be an set of extra eyes via the CWSC Corporate Line, AM360.org and the CWSC Website for seniors and disabled persons who notify CWSC they need assistance and would benefit from a CWSC Volunteer’s online research to identify, contact, and connect local agencies who can lend assistance.


To offer a national support network via CWSC volunteers who can be an extra set of eyes (and ears) to alert local government agencies, nonprofit and faith-based institutions of seniors and the disabled that may have slipped through the cracks during this Coronavirus Pandemic and to refer persons to local agencies assisting in any number of relief areas.

Initial period applicable now through April 30 with possible extension based on circumstances, is the two-week national stand-down period to arrest and stop the spread of Coronavirus. This targeted period in which all have been asked to stay at home could result in greater numbers of available volunteers willing to contact an agency or institution on behalf of a senior or disabled person to request a support visit or agency awareness call to assist a senior or disabled person who calls into the CWSC Corporate Office Message Center. All of us working together from the safety and security of home have the possibility of helping someone without having to leave our homes…and perhaps saving a life.* 
While the elderly and physically challenged are normally on an agency listing for services, sometimes persons fall through the crack due to not having family members in the immediate vicinity or bureaucratic errors. Often times every one assumes the person is taken care of. However, during this specific period of social distancing, such assumption could be not only false, but more dangerous than usual.

Therefore CWSC volunteers will be asked to serve on a temporary as needed phone bank team to be available to contact agencies or other organizations and alert them that a senior or disabled person has contacted CWSC and needs assistance with either food, medical, prescriptions, or other emergent issues as a result of the social distancing efforts to stem the Coronavirus Pandemic in the U.S. As calls come in, volunteers will be contacted by email and / or telephone to assist a senior and will be assigned to help that senior or disabled person. 

By our nonprofit regulations, volunteers must be vetted with reference as appropriate from their faith-based institution.

Social isolation itself can be a threat. We don’t want a single person to fall through the cracks. Call (910) 317-0297…help is just a phone call away.


How Executed
Announce via AM360.org, the CWSC website and email updates that CWSC has launched Eyes on Our Communities that ask seniors and the disabled to call into (901) 317-0297 if they need someone to call a local agency to ask for aid or assistance. Often times a senior simply does not know who to call and may not have access to broadband services for research to keep up with all being made available to individuals and families, or simply confused by being inundated with information. CWSC will use MCNRD to identify individuals who have expressed interest in or work in Social Services and Community Outreach among others, and get their review, participation and leadership; yet include all who can volunteer as manpower will be needed. CWSC Volunteers will do google searches based on the needy person’s zip code to contact organizations that assist the elderly and disabled. The person’s faith-based institution should also be called if applicable.
Once an agency and / or faith-based institution is contacted, the CWSC volunteer will notify the person as to who will contact them along with the agency personnel’s contact information and check back with the elderly or disabled person to ensure contact has been established.
This program will apply now through June 30, 2020 when it is felt more CWSC volunteers are actually available to help execute this national effort. Additionally, by the end of that period, persons who need such help will have hopefully called in and Insha Allah the virus will have slowed with the curve severely flattened, and local municipalities will have lifted spatial distancing restrictions. Allah (SWT) knows best. In any event, we’re ready to extend the period if necessary.
In addition, any small businesses, especially halal that will offer modified customer service for food supplies and other staple goods can be identified and listed on the CWSC site and announced on air at AM360.org without all advertising costs waived. Modified customer service refers to drive thru, home delivery and other methods that allow for commerce to serve the individual while taking steps to arrest the Coronavirus.
Eyes on Our Communities is not designed to replace local, state, or regional efforts to assist the most vulnerable populations mentioned, but offers another set of eyes that can help a person who might not have broadband access or may need just a little assistance being pointed in the right direction to connect with the resources they need.
The Program can also be used to galvanize audiences to call into special AM360 programming such as Community Buzz for example and share individual experiences and concerns in a virtual townhall to help ease anxieties while helping disseminate practical reliable information families can use to stay safe.
Volunteers must have email, access to personal internet and broadband to quickly research local support services,  retrieve contact information, and to make the call on behalf of the persons who call into the CWSC Line. Volunteers must include a disclaimer as given below, and share the CWSC official statement on the Coronavirus epidemic included at the top of this web page.
DISCLAIMER: Persons and organizations accessing the CWSC Corporate Line and / or the Eyes on Our Communities (EOOC) Program agree to hold CWSC and any volunteers harmless for providing charitable support tele-referral information. EOOC is not an in-person community outreach program, but provides tele-support referral information. For personal safety, EOOC cannot provide in-person assistance from CWSC volunteers.
If we’re able to help one person, then we will have done good. If you have just a few minutes to help someone, join us in this community outreach.
Thank you for your consideration.
* Eyes on Our Communities does not include in-person or onsite visits and follows recommended public health policy to practice social distancing as much as possible. 

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    it’s so comforting to be willing to be protectors of one another, during this season, and for all times.
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