Eid-ul-Fitr! Renewal of self and the world

“When the believers have emerged and presented themselves at their place of prayer, Allah (SWT) will say to His angels, “O My angels, what is the recompense of the hired labourer, once he has done his job?” The angels will reply, “Our Lord and our Master, You will pay him his wages in full!” So Allah (SWT) will say, “I now call upon you to bear witness, O My angels, that I have conferred My acceptance and My forgiveness as the reward for their fasting and night vigil during the month of Ramadan.” Allah (SWT) will then say, “O My servants put your requests to Me now, for this I swear by My Might and My Majesty, you will not ask Me this day, in this gathering of yours for anything connected with your life hereafter, without My granting it to you; nor for anything connected with your life in this lower world, without My attending to your need. By My Might and My Majesty, I will not put you to shame, nor will I expose you to disgrace among those who are faithfully committed to observing the laws. Now you may depart, knowing you have been forgiven. You have won My approval, and I am well pleased with you.”–Prophet Muhammed (S)


Joyous Eid Celebration from CWSC!


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The CWSC – AM360 Radio Telethon now thru Jul 11Fundraiser


NATIONAL ― Continue multiplying the blessings…Praise be to Allah (SWT) for the outpouring of support for the CWSC AM360 National Radio Telethon. We’re more than half way there and we thank each and every believer.

We’ve reached $5,865! The sooner we meet the goal, the sooner we can return to regularly scheduled programming at AM360, the nation’s #1 Islamic radio station helping so may believers in our community and beyond.

On the video above, hear our Sister Noorah Amatullah Muhammad from Georgia who called our offices during the Blessed Month of Ramadan to share how important the work we’re accomplishing is to her. She’s one of our pioneers who like many, no longer has the ability for fast moving, even if they’re still fast thinking right on down to the modern times. Sister Noorah is one of the reasons we work hard to serve you and our community everyday, and we’re asking you to help us. Tell us too if someone needs our free Personal Qur’an Reading Service. Then hear our Christian Sister Debbie on how important CWSC and AM360 are to bridging racial and religious divides and finally CWSC Scholarship recipient, Najah Mateen, speaks on the importance of CWSC Scholarship Programs.

All contributions no matter how small are immensely important in that together we can get to our goal, as we continue multiplying the blessings during these special days of Eid. So we ask you to click on the blue donate button at the top right of our website and make your tax deductible contribution securely and conveniently.

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Tune into nightly 7 – 10 pm EST at AM360 or call-in at (646) 716-4478 to join the conversation. Then join us live again at 7 am every morning and 24 hours a day in the Broadcast Archives!

We’re so grateful to everyone, those who have already contributed, plan to contribute and those desiring to do so, but may not be able…Thank you for sharing in the vision and mission.

May this year’s Eid Celebration be your best ever!

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“Education is the greatest tool for advancing the society.” We do want to advance our society, don’t we? Are you a part of a society or are you just a part of a Masjid?”―Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA)


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