CWSC National Town Hall on Amruhum Shuraa Baynahum Part 2


CWSC Town Hall Meeting extended time

Part 2 of a 6-hour discussion focusing on Shuraa Baynahum, a Qur’anic expression usually translated as Mutual Consultation, is really about how group decisions are made and work is accomplished through institutional administration, management, structure, organization, leadership, governance and the overall human relations and systems management by which the preceding functions happen and of course again the group decision-making that is essential to make it all of it happen.

We are very blessed to have the discussion include Rev. (Ret.) Alexis Easton who as a pastoral leader has had to lead and manage teams and operations in the United Methodist Church and like any of us, she has had to deal with some of the same human relations and systems management issues common to all group decision making within faith-based institutions.

The discussion includes Rev. Alexis Easton, Imam Karriem Hameed, Imam Abdul Hakim Abdullah, and CWSC Executive Director Mukhtar Muhammad


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