CWSC Third Townhall on Shuraa


CWSC Town Hall Discussion on Shuraa Baynahum featuring perspectives from our panelists: Dr. Baiza Muhammad, Mahasin Shamsideen, Aisha Waheed, and our live audience. Moderators are M. Nailah Williams, member of CWSC’s Board of Directors, Distinguished Lecturer CWSC Speakers Bureau, founder and director of the KNOW ME/no me Institute, and AM360 Host and Mukhtar Muhammad, CWSC Executive Director, AM360 Host, Vice Pres. FAMACO Publishers LLC, and author, Genesis of New American Leadership (the Book & Blog). Read more here about the Panelists and the National Townhall Discussion.

CWSC aims to provide a shared freedom space for the group intellect. Views expressed in panel discussions and other forums on-air and off do not necessarily reflect the official policies and /or opinions of CWSC or AM360.

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