CWSC Call for and Presentation of Papers (2019-20)

The CWSC through its National Think Tank invites publications including abstract and papers for competition, selection, presentation, and award at the CWSC AM360 National Intelligentsia Interfaith Cruise to Cozumel in March 2020.


CWSC is committed to helping unleash and harness the full capacity inherent in our group intellect, for the purpose of solving chronic problems affecting communities at the macro level, through discovery of new opportunities and uncovering latent ideas that may be present, yet dormant in the group intellect.

Our National Think Tank and Call for Papers offer a pragmatic pathway for unlocking the powerful capacity inherent in the group intellect by investing in scholarship that benefits the entire group intellect.

In support of the National Symposium Intelligentsia Presentations that are part of the 10th Anniversary Celebration for CWSC’s American Muslim 360 Broadcasting Network, the CWSC National Think Tank invites papers based on the 2020 Celebration’s theme: Valuing Our Diversity – Embracing Inclusivity.

CWSC has selected two (2) categories of subjects with specific topics for the group intellect to consider for practical study and application.

Topic 1: Intrafaith Unity (Al-Islam). On the Issue of Local and National Ramadan & Eid-ul Fitr Unity Inside the American Muslim Intelligentsia: Examining the effects and exploring strategies to address disunity on individuals (especially children), families and communities in the start of and consequent culmination of their annual Ramadan Fast and Eid Celebration. Click here for important information.

Topic 2: Interfaith Collaboration. On the issue of Interfaith Dialogue: Examining the purpose and outcomes twenty years after 9-11 and challenging traditional paradigms. Click here for important information.

Writers may select either topic or both topics, however only one award total will be presented for a single selected paper from among all entries.


The Author of the Selected Paper must be a U.S. Citizen and shall receive:

1. $750 Monetary Prize Award to be presented at the Grand Gala Celebration March 2020.

2. Publication of Paper on the CWSC website and shared across social media.

3. Presentation Invitation to Present the Paper at the National Intelligentsia Symposium in March 2020.

4. Interview on


This Form MUST BE COMPLETED and SUBMITTED to CWSC in addition to emailing Abstract and Paper.

Abstracts and papers must be written and delivered electronically in English (as a single Microsoft Word and PDF attachment) to the CWSC National Think Tank Office via email at Main content of paper must be no more than 14 pages in length, plus up to an additional 4 pages for bibliography and appendices.

Documents will include:

1. Title of the presentation.

2. Name, title, full contact information (including a valid e-mail address) for author/presenter.

3. Abstract (300-500 words).

4. A short biographical profile of presenter that includes background, interests and any publications and awards.

5. All writers are expected to produce original written works in accordance with copyright laws and to provide proper credit or obtain permissions as appropriate for any quotations or other use necessitating proper attribution. See Style Guidelines also shown below.

6. Submissions must be received by the final submission deadline. LATE submissions will NOT be processed.

7. CWSC is the final authority to accept or reject or evaluate submitted abstracts and papers and determine a prize winner.

8. CWSC does NOT provide any financial support, reimbursement for any abstract or paper or other document preparation expenses, nor any travel expenses or other expenses to attend the National Symposium and Cruise.

9. Consult with your personal financial representative or tax advisor or preparer for any tax implications if you are selected for an award.

10. You certify that the information you provide on this Form will be accurate and complete and understand that any misrepresentation or omission of fact may lead to disqualification, termination or revocation of an award.


Your Paper may include a Power Point presentation to accompany the talk. You may illustrate your points with Audio/Visual media.

All Submissions should be in 12 pt Times New Roman font or similar font.
Include any graphics at 300 dpi, audio files, video files, PowerPoint Presentations. It is essential you own the copyrights for all of them to ensure inclusion in any CWSC published materials. If you don’t own the copyright, please include written permission from the copyright holder with your submission.

In consideration of your Paper being included in the Proceedings of the CWSC, you consent to your Paper presentation being recorded by audio/visual means and to the subsequent publication worldwide of your Paper in any print or electronic audio/visual media as part of the Proceedings of CWSC’s Call and as part of any subsequently published collections of Call Papers and/or any corresponding audio/visual media published by CWSC, and you waive any remunerative rights therein. You grant authority also for publication to CWSC staff and volunteers. You understand that any profits will be used for CWSC’s nonprofit operations. This consent does not limit your rights of subsequent personal presentation, publication and remuneration from the publication of print, audio or video of your Paper. Paper formatting:

• Title
• Author
• No indent at beginning of paragraphs.
• Paragraphs separated by a blank line.
• Use Italics type for all book names.
• Use Bold text instead of underlined text.
• Limit quotations to one paragraph to comply with “Fair Use” of copyright material. Longer quotations must have written permission from the copyright holder.
• Double quotes for any quotations.
• Single quotes for emphasis.
• All graphics should be supplied separately at 300 dpi. You must hold copyright to all graphics.
• Numbered Footnotes and References places at the bottom of each page. (Alternately, Numbered Footnotes and References may listed at the end of the paper.)
• Submit Papers (including Abstract) in both Microsoft Word format and PDF format.


Deadline for submitting all inputs is on or before 11:59 pm EST August 15, 2019. CWSC accepts no responsibility for incomplete submissions or submissions not in proper form, or any other exception submission.


Papers will be judged for quality and relevance. Only one person will be selected to present his or her paper at the National Symposium on the Interfaith Cruise in March 2020. Notification of Award will be emailed to the awardee by September 20, 2019. 

Any necessary determination or clarification as to the interpretation or to the application of a particular term shall be made by CWSC in its sole discretion. Furthermore, CWSC reserves the right in its sole discretion to make any changes or modifications to this Call and Presentation, including but not limited to, the criteria, the selection process, the deadline dates, and the guidelines and instructions.

Participants certify that the information provided is accurate and complete and understands that any misrepresentation or omission of fact may lead to disqualification, termination or revocation of award.

CWSC fully reserves the right to cancel this Program for any reason, including lack of funding or lack of a qualified paper or other publication; the right to reduce the amount of the award; and otherwise reserves the right to make any modifications, cancellations, revisions, or additions to this program as it deems advisable, in its sole direction. CWSC is not bound to any particular award or prize for any particular purpose until it actually awards that prize in writing sent to the recipient and the recipient has met all requirements.


Oral presentation is scheduled to occur at the Published Authors’ Circle during the National Intelligentsia Interfaith Cruise to Cozumel in March 2020. Presentation is expected to run about 20 minutes, followed by a question-and-answer session.


You must divulge if a possible conflict of interest exists as a result of a business or personal relationship with a CWSC Board of Director member, Scholarship Committee member, or the National Think Tank Director. Any potential conflicts of interests may require recusal of the CWSC official from any and all discussion. The decision of CWSC is final and not subject to a review process. Completion of this form or any submissions does not create an obligation to award a prize to an applicant.

Before completing this Form be sure to read consent and authorization


I am a U.S. Citizen(required)

I consent to having my Paper and or Presentation audio/video recorded and used as indicated.(required)

I consent to having my picture taken and used as indicated (required)

I declare that I hold Copyright to all Intellectual/Audio/Visual material presented(required)

I agree to provide a clear attribution, i.e. which book, which edition, which page, of the sources for each quote that I include in my paper.(required)

I have read the Style Guidelines(required)

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