CWSC Condolences on the Passing of U.S. Congressman John Lewis

Statement from M. Nailah Abdullah, CWSC Executive Director, on the Passing of Hon. Congressman John Robert Lewis

…Do right actions, urge one another to truth, and to steadfastness.” Al-Qur’an , 103: 1-3

ST. PETERSBURG, FL. – We extend condolences to the Lewis Family, friends, colleagues, and all fighting for peace and justice, upon the passing of Congressman John Lewis.

Hon. John Robert Lewis (1940-2020)

To his final breath, civil rights icon Honorable John Lewis demonstrated courage and sacrifice despite personal difficulties.

As the nation and world continues to battle the pandemic, the battle Congressman Lewis waged against cancer has come to an end. But his life and legacy in the fight for human dignity, justice and equal opportunity for all live on and shall stand as a lesson for future generations.

We here at CWSC honor Congressman Lewis and his stand right up to the end in his defense of minority communities and all people following the murder of George Floyd. His decades of service and putting his life on the line for what he believed and for the sake of his fellow man set a standard for us all.

Join us this morning at 1 a.m. EST for a special Night Owl presentation in memory of Congressman Lewis on or dial in at (701) 719-4197.

Congressman Lewis was a political leader, patriot, and voice for moral excellence. He was a family man and person of faith, who served his community and nation steadfastly.

The Congressman’s clarion call to civic and political engagement mirrors CWSC’s guiding principles in our mission to remake the world and are a reminder of the work and victories that lies ahead for all committed to a better America. We pray for Congressman Lewis and his family.

(Top b/w photo: John Lewis, at age 23, was the youngest speaker at the March on Washington on August 28, 1963. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images).


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  • The honorable John Lewis, this civil rights icon will truly be missed. May G’d forgive his sins and grant him the Paradise.
    R.I.P. my dear brother.

    • Mahasin Abdul-Salaam

      I am grateful and thankful for the gift of Congressman John Lewis’ife long sacrifice and dedication shown the world throughout his striving for freedom, social justice in its highest expression and human equity . What a fiercely persistent opponent of the oppression of the human spirit…may G-D be pleased with your efforts. Aameen

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