Ambassador Event Application Request

Thank you for applying to be an official official CWSC Ambassador.

Through your representation, CWSC is able to extend its physical presence throughout the country. By attending community service events and programs hosted by others, you help us stay informed on what’s happening nationwide. Your diplomacy helps us establish and nurture formal institutional and personal ties with thought leaders, decision makers and opinion shapers from from both intra-faith and interfaith organizations who are also committed to model community excellence. Thank you for serving our community in this special way.

CWSC Ambassadors are expected to understand and be able to articulate the CWSC mission, vision, and guiding principles and the scope of our intelligentsia operations. Ambassadors

• Extend official greetings (verbal and written) to leaders and organizations.
• Make presentations or provide proclamations.
• Help CWSC coordinate local events such as workshops and seminars

Our Ambassador Program is also designed to save CWSC considerable administrative overhead or operating expenses by utilizing local area CWSC representatives as preferred Ambassadors thereby eliminating out-of-area travel expenses, ground transportation, overnight accommodations, and other high cost expenses associated with out-of-area travel. Real savings gained through our Ambassador Program allows CWSC to support any number of programs and events around the nation without straining our budget and otherwise sacrificing critical operating and direct programming dollars needed to help us serve communities nationwide.

The opportunity to serve as a CWSC Ambassador for an event is significantly enhanced if you had already planned to attend the event at your own personal expense and hence your Ambassadorship coincides with your attendance and participation.

Being appointed an Ambassador is also enhanced if like most selected Ambassadors, you live locally in close proximity to the planned event and CWSC has the budget to cover the event entrance, registration or similar fees if you had not already planned to attend at personal expense.

Use the form below to apply to be an Event Ambassador and official representative for CWSC.

The office of the Director of Ambassador Programs processes Ambassador requests through CWSC. Please allow at least 2 weeks to receive and process your request, unless the event has arrived and requires urgent action. We cannot promise an official CWSC Ambassador letter in time if the event is less than two (2) weeks out. If you’re attending a recurring event, please encourage event organizers to contact CWSC early in the year to ensure their event is on our Calendar of Events, and that they’re taking advantage of Community Buzz and other opportunities to share their event on-air at AM360. Questions? Email us at