AM360 Live Broadcast Incident Form

Dear Host Producer, Engineering or Other Team Member: As-Salaam-Alaikum!

Please use this AM360 Live Broadcast Incident Form to report either a network condition, inaccessible host feature, or studio operator error or other matter that causes a significant interruption in delivery of our live content.

A significant interruption includes anything that interferes with the quality of the show or delivery of its content including the dreaded “dead air” beyond twenty (20) seconds. After twenty seconds it has been shown in the broadcast industry that your audience may begin departing, especially for a listener just joining and hearing silence from the initial beginning of the dead air.

Incident Reporting is part of our overall Quality Assurance and will enable us to learn from any errors, evaluate any deficiencies in service level from providers and / or identify areas for training and development, communication between team members or other deficiencies, so we can learn from our mistakes.

Incident Reports should be completed as soon as possible, but not later than 24 hours after occurrence.

If you have questions contact the QAT Manager, Imam Nazim Pasha at or text (510) 517-1091 or the Programming Manager at

Thank you for contributing to the mission and vision. Email comments on how to improve this reporting form or process to

Thank you for completing this form. You’ve just helped us become a better Network. Together we can remake the world.