About the Office of International Relations

Although CWSC OIR launched officially in 2019, international relations had already begun inside the CWSC years before. Partnering with non-governmental organizations or NGOs such as the international women’s group THE GRAIL and social justice leader Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference, helped take CWSC to the global level of Shuraa Baynahum or mutual consultation. CWSC was welcomed to participate in 2015 in pre-U.N. brainstorming and strategy sessions and eventually invited to present in 2016 and 2017 at the United Nations Headquarters, New York.

Using its group intellect capacity via the MCNRD and National Think Tank, CWSC flexed its intelligentsia and social justice advocacy muscles early on, despite being a relatively young institution. The experiences gave CWSC leaders a vision to accelerate its efforts to do more at the global level. And so an idea was put on the table to establish a CWSC Office of International Relations in 2018.

The OIR – Office of International Relations is part of CWSC’s Faith-based Collaboratives (FBCs) that allow us to support international initiatives through partnerships with institutions who have established an operational footprint in an area of interest compatible with CWSC’s interests.

The CWSC OIR via the FBC concept enables a more immediate contribution internationally without having to expend years putting in place operational and administrative infrastructure to provide urgently needed deliverables. We typically seek partners that already have a proven experience curve in international aid and humanitarian relief, infrastructure development, community support services, trade, and cultural exchange programs that  promote global civic education.

Projects that might interest CWSC include those suggested by our volunteers and leadership team or by invitation from other organizations.