Welcome to CWSC Corporate Underwriting and Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in the CWSC Corporate Underwriting & Sponsorship Program.

CWSC through its family of intelligentsia operations, is committed to helping you and all our institutions fulfill model community excellence.  We operate as a national think tank, scholarship administrator, national resource directory and consulting network, speakers bureau, national broadcasting center and more.

Because of the loyalty we garner from the American Muslim Community who appreciates our unique outreach services, including broadcasting via our flagship intelligentsia component American Muslim 360, the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation, you have a unique opportunity to promote your business, non-profit institution or event, to one of the most informed and engaged audiences in America—an American Muslim listenership and beyond committed to supporting those who cater to their interests and values.

Becoming a CWSC corporate underwriter is a powerful way to achieve your promotional goals, while being recognized as a good corporate citizen.  Be sure to read About Us to understand our ethical guidelines and values for the organizations, products, services and events we accept into underwriting or sponsorship.

Many organizations frequently inquire about promotions first on our broadcasting network, so we have provided the following information:


Standard Rate $3,400.00 monthly (prorated daily for event promotion)
Up to ninety (90) second corporate sponsorship or underwriting promotion spot.
Broadcast Spots Weekly (Monday – Friday).
Includes Business and/or Events Calendar Listing on the CWSC Website…regularly $75 setup cost, plus $149 annually featuring logo, motto, and company or organization contact information with link back to the organization’s preferred landing page.

Expanded Promotion Rate Option Add $524.00 monthly (prorated daily for event promotion)
Includes Standard Broadcasting Spots plus weekly (Saturday through Sunday).

Front & Center banner ad on the AM30.org Streaming Page…Limited Space first come, first serve. Current pricing $350.00 per month.

Getting Started

Tell us about your organization and let us know your needs by completing the form below.  We’ll have one of our customer service representatives contact you to discuss how we can help you meet your goals.  Thank you for serving our community. 

DISCLAIMER: CWSC Inc. is not responsible for omissions, errors or any obsolete information. Rates subject to change.*