Congrats to our Award Nominees

AWARDSThe CWSC Board of Directors is pleased to release the list of Nominees to receive recognition at the National Intelligentsia Interfaith Cruise Gala & Awards Celebration.

The year 2020 marks the 10th Anniversary of American Muslim 360 Radio Network (AM360.org) and the 6th year of corporate operations for its parent corporation, the CWSC. A tremendous amount of work has been invested to help build our national intelligentsia by some very dedicated CWSC volunteers, as well as other organizations and leaders working in tandem and supporting CWSC’s and AM360’s community-development and national resource center work in this shared freedom space of community service.




Posthumous Awards

May Allah (SWT) bestow His Mercy upon them, forgive them and grant them Sadaqa Jarriyyah in Paradise.

Imam Thomas Abdul Salaam
Rosa Shareef
Professor Amadou Shakur
Hajja Nuurah A. Muhammad
Yahya Duwad Irshad
Imam Khalifah Ramadan


CWSC Intelligentsia Volunteer Awards

Imam Dr. Abdel J. Nurridin
Imam Abdul Azeez
Imam Abdul-Hakim Abdullah
Abdullah Powell
Imam Adam Beyah
Aisha B. Hussain
Dr. Aisha Kareem
Attorney Aisha Nasir
Aisha Waheed
Rev. (Ret.) Alexis Easton
Imam Alvin Sharif
Amadou Shakoor
Amatullah Yamini

Amin H. Abdullah (caribbean Islands)
Imam Amin Nathari
Aminah Bashir
Dr. Ameenah Ali
Aneesah Dawan
Anita Collins
Imam Dr. Askia Muhammad
Professor Ayesha K. Mustafaa
Dr. Baiza Muhammad
Imam Benjamin Bilal
Bilal Kareem Abdullah
Imam Bilal Phillips
Bilal Saleem
Imam Bilal Yasin El-Amin
Brother Saleem
Dawud Abdullah
Debbie Shankman
Imam Delacie Umar
Attorney Della Abdullah
Depretha Hadee
Dharr S. Dihaan
Attorney Edward Ahmed Mitchell
Imam Faheem Shuaibe
Fatima Omar
Fleming El-Amin
Gloria Akkram
Imam Hameem Habeeb
Imam Hamin Dawan
Imam Hananiah Shabazz
Haneefah Shuaibe-Peters
Hassan Shakir
Hassan Tareef
Henry Haseeb
Hujrah  Wahaj
Irma Reed Syed
Jamal Rasheed
Dr. Jawairriya Abdallah-Shahid
Kalimah Abdul Rashid
Kalimah Azeez Rashada
Kariem Hasan
Imam Karriem Hameed
Kasib Abdullah
Khadijah Bilal
Dr. Khalil Marcus Lambert
Kim Mujahid
Latifah Hameen
Latifa Ziyad
Lorna “Sister L” Lightner
Mahasin Abdul Salaam
Mahasin Shamsideen
Mailk Taqiyy
Mansour Ansari
Mark Shahid
Professor Marlon Aldridge
M. Nailah Abdullah
Marvin Muhammad
Dr. Maryam Suluki
Michael Hameen
Muhammad Sharif
Imam Mujahideen Mohammed
Mukhtar Muhammad
Munirah Habeel
Musa Akram
Mustafa Mujahid
Imam Nadim Ali
Naimah Latif
Najmah Abraham
Imam Nazim Pasha
Nimat Shaheed
Hajja Nuurah Amatuallah Muhammad
Priscilla Aluqdah
Dr. Qadir Abdus-Sabur
Imam Qasim Ahmed 
Quran Shakir
Rahimah Z. Abdullah
Imam Rashad Shabazz
Ronald Abdul Malik
Safiyyah Baldwin
Saleemah Hadi
Imam Salim Mumin 
Sameerah El Siraaj
Shakira Abdul-Ali, MSOD
Imam Sideeq Jihad
Sultana Ali
Imam Dr. Talib Sharif
Imam Wazir Ali
William Kareem 
Imam Yahya Abdullah
Yahya Dawud Irashad
Imam Yahya Shabazz
Imam Yusuf Ramadan
Sheikh Zayd Khan


CWSC Scholarship Award Recipients

Aaliyah Abdur-Rahman
Albertha M. Sabree
Aliyah Cathey-Akbar
Haseena A. Sabree
Moufatih Abbas Mohammed
Najah Mateen Rasheedah
Zahrah Tahsiyn Bashir


CWSC Honored Institutions

The following organizations are awardees for outstanding support of our National Intelligentsia Resource Center and its work including supporting the American Muslim 360 Broadcasting Network.

American Coalition for Good Government, New York
Ash Shifa, Inc., New York A New Day for Al Islam In America (AIM) Radio Azizah Magazine, Georgia
Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Georgia
Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) National, Washington, D.C.
Chaplains Assoc.
famacopublishers.com FAMACO Publishers LLC, Florida
Institute for Muslim American Studies, California
Islam in America Movement, Florida
KNOW ME no me ins-stitute, Florida
Masjid Al Muminun, Missouri
Masjid Al-Qur’an, Texas
Masjid Al-Halim, Mississippi
Masjid Muhammad (The Nation’s Mosque), Washington D.C.
Masjid Warithud-Deen Mohammed, Texas
Masjid Nuriddin, New York
Mercy Community Center, Texas
Mohammed Schools Alumni Assoc., California
Muslim American Media Alliance, New York
Muslim Empowerment Institute, Florida
Muslim Journal, Illinois
Muslim Men in Action, Virginia
Muslim Women in Action, Michigan
NPPF, North Carolina
Pathway Global, Michigan
Rasools, Florida
Taqwa Productions, Georgia


We are so grateful for the support received from donors, sponsors, listeners and all who have contributed and continue to contribute in their own unique way to help us build a national intelligentsia. Stay tuned for more information on our Awardees. We’re looking forward to hosting you!

Thursday, March 5 – 9, 2020 Carnival Paradise

Departure port: Tampa, FL Port of call: Cozumel, Mexico. See also Pre-Cruise Tampa, Florida Events.

Carnival Cruise Itinerary CWSC352020


We broke the mold after we made this one. The final Fantasy class cruise ship ever created, Carnival Paradise is proof that there’s plenty of fun to be found long before you reach your dream destination.

While we’ve never stopped adding the latest and greatest features to the ship, this ship remains classic Carnival — fun-packed from bow to stern. With so much of it indoors, outdoors and everywhere in between, Carnival Paradise features great times in and near the water courtesy of hot tubs, pools and a WaterWorks waterpark featuring a giant spiraling slide and dual racing slides. For those who appreciate a good story, there’s Seuss at Sea with an interactive storytime and parade!

On the food front, aboard this ship there’s two of our top casual spots: Guy’s Burger Joint, featuring the goods from Guy Fieri, and BlueIguana Cantina, with authentic south-of-the-border taco/burrito goodness. Refreshments — and good times — abound. And a little closer to home (well, your vacation home), Carnival Paradise now features even more staterooms with a balcony. Feel that breeze!

Spend a vacation aboard Carnival Paradise, and you’ll find a little slice of cruise ship paradise at sea.


Photo shoots of some of Paradise’s Amenities & More (click to enlarge photo)

Carnival1 Carnival5 Carnival4 Carnival3 Carnival2

*All itineraries, times, ports, programming, performances, appearances and locations are subject to change without notice.