New CWSC Scholarships Program Director…

NATIONAL ― CWSC announces Rashida Robinson, resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and an active participant in her local area and of the Southwest convening of Imams in association with the leadership of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed(ra). She has taken the helm as Director for CWSC’s National Scholarship Programs. 

Sister Rashida is well qualified to lead one of CWSC’s critical intelligentsia components. She brings a depth and breadth of practical experience, knowledge, and sensitivity, helping our next generation intelligentsia leaders.

As Scholarship Programs Director, she will help maintain program quality assurance, compliance with federal statutes, and interface with the National Scholarship Committee in support of the CWSC college financial aid application, review and approval process. She will also act as principal spokesperson for the program and interface with CWSC’s Executive Director and Board to promote the cultural and historic preservation component for our scholarships and help grow the number of college scholarships established and awarded.

Having served as an mentor for many years. [Note: The CWSC Scholarship application cycle opens February 20…apply, fund or establish a family pioneer scholarship here.]