New CWSC Scholarships Program Director…

NATIONAL ― CWSC announces Qur’an Shakir, former director and principal for Mohammed Schools Atlanta and a national talk show host for AM360’s The Importance of Educating Our Own, will take the helm as Director for CWSC’s National Scholarship Programs. 

Sister Qur’an is well qualified to lead one of CWSC’s critical intelligentsia components. She brings a depth and breadth of practical experience, knowledge, and sensitivity QuranShakirhelping our next generation intelligentsia leaders.

As Scholarship Programs Director, she will help maintain program quality assurance, compliance with federal statutes, and interface with the National Scholarship Committee in support of the CWSC college financial aid application, review and approval process. She will also act as principal spokesperson for the program and interface with CWSC’s Executive Director and Board to promote the cultural and historic preservation component for our scholarships and help grow the number of college scholarships established and awarded.

Having served as an educator for more than 25 years, Sister Qur’an has served as the principal at and a teacher for the Mohammed Schools of Atlanta and as an educational consultant to local public and private school educators. She is a board member for the National Education Council (NEC) of Sister Clara Mohammed Schools, for the Interfaith Children’s Movement where she is committed to advocating for children and empowering them to advocate, lead and serve; and of the Drug Rebound of DeKalb Juvenile Justice where she advises and supports the juvenile court in efforts to help adolescent participants learn to live drug free and crime-free. A native of Atlanta and second generation Muslim in a family with at least four generations of Muslims, She is a graduate of Georgia State University and National University and a doctoral candidate with Fielding Graduate University. [Note: The CWSC Scholarship application cycle opens February 20…apply, fund or establish a family pioneer scholarship here.]