Leadership Nomination Criteria – Office of CWSC Executive Director


The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for leading the overall strategic plan for CWSC and exercising general supervision over all affairs of the Conference’s national operations and ensures along with the board, departments and advisers, that CWSC operates in accordance with its bylaws, articles of incorporation, fiduciary responsibilities and applicable statutes and regulations whether at the local, state, federal, or even global level (e.g. internet regulations).

The Director also serves as principal spokesperson and representative for the CWSC and collaborates with other organizational leaders at the national and international level of leadership. The Executive Director develops plans and policies to ensure the organization’s day-to-day operations reflect the strategic mission, vision, and guiding principles and that Shuraa is properly implemented throughout the institution to benefit the institution and all its stakeholders. The Executive Director is elected to office by the Board of Directors who considers, qualifies, and vets all nominations.

Minimum Requirements: A nominee

–Should have shown outstanding commitment, dedication and service to CWSC in the performance of their currently assigned responsibilities.

–Exhibits a keen understanding of the CWSC mission, vision and principles, its components, plans, and processes.

–Has demonstrated he or she prioritizes their time to help the CWSC and demonstrates to the best of his or her ability that (s)he can fulfill the office’s responsibilities including chairing and attending executive level meetings with CWSC in general and with the board of directors and other stakeholders.

–Possesses the knowledge, leadership, temperament and executive skills to sustain and advance the CWSC.

–Has been a registered and active volunteer as demonstrated by active engagement in working in any one of CWSC’s intelligentsia operations. The  Board of Directors may waive this requirement in the event a Director from outside the organization is brought in to staff the office of leadership.  

–Prior executive leadership experience is desired with a preference for a current leader who has operated in multiple capacities, departments, or intelligentsia components..