CWSC Roundtable: Light not heat

Tune in for the Friday CWSC On-Air Roundtable at American Muslim 360

CWSC RT PANELISTSJoin host Mark Shahid and executive producer William Kareem for a lively discussion at the CWSC Rountable each Friday morning at 8 am EST. From panel discussions to special guest interviews, CWSC’s Roundtable is the place for constructive dialogue on the good things happening and on chronic issues we face, including dealing with the cultural barriers to operational excellence. When you want light and not heat…Tune in or dial in at (701) 719-4197 and tweet us @CWShuraa on May 29 at 9:00 am EST.

For an encore of last week’s Roundtable on the Launch of the Model Communities National Resource Directory and more, click here. CWSC Friday Roundtables are an opinion, viewpoints, and perspectives discussion sponsored by the Community Wide Shuraa Conference. Roundtable views expressed by hosts, panelists, and guests are not necessarily the official position of the CWSC, Inc.

Got an idea for a Roundtable? Send us an email at and we just may feature a panel discussion on your idea or subject!  Plus CWSC has the ability to move from the airwaves to the pathways and from idea to reality. Get listed in your area of expertise and help all our institutions through the Model Communities National Resource Directory! Join the CWSC Network and help remake the world.