An AM360 Cultural Extravaganza on Healing & Harmony for Humankind


NATIONAL – Join Dr. Baiza R. Muhammad Host of Healing & Harmony For Humankind in this special episode with award winning singer and songwriter Patricia Shih.

Shih wrote her first song at 12 years of age and signed a record contract at age 15! Among her many years of memorable sought after songs is “The Color Song” played weekly on AM360’s Healing & Harmony for Humankind. Her musical brilliance enters minds, hearts, and spirits with clear and thoughtful words radiating rhythmic lyric appeal that gives hope, joy, faith and peace to her worldwide audiences.

A “multi-instrumentalist who plays 6 and 12 string guitars, piano, and marxophone, Shih recently broadened her visions and talents to include the art of film making “with her first full length feature production, “Undocumented,” receiving nine awards and honors.

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