Courtship and Marriage Learning Lab


Join hosts Mark Shahid and Munirah Habeel for the Courtship & Marriage Learning Lab and you’ll see why over the years, thousands have and continue to make sure their streams and phones are tuned to for a national discussion on what it takes to not only find the other half, but to enjoy a blissful relationship with their best half filled with love and faith-based romance. Every week, Mark and Munirah share topics and guests that help us not only explore the do’s and don’ts, the simplicities and complexities of just what it takes for a successful courtship and marriage, but also how to successfully navigate a courtship experience that Insha Allah (G-d Willing), leads not only to a beautiful and memorable wedding day, but to the ultimate goal–a multi-year anniversary marriage filled with love, romance and faith. Tune in each Tuesday 7 p.m. EST to explore the most important societal relationship that is key to all others…the relationship between husband and wife. Join the Lab live and in-person aboard the Paradise in 20/20 for the CWSC National Intelligentsia Interfaith Cruise to Cozumel!