Think Tank Intake & Review

Committees work with CWSC governance, operations and administration personnel and are essential to helping CWSC effectively manage and continually improve its operations. Whether it’s developing and executing comprehensive funding programs or conducting internal audits and training, both standing and ad hoc committees are volunteers performing vital roles in helping CWSC not only sustain its operations, but perform at the highest level of excellence and accountability.

Committee Description

Words don’t have the power to change the world alone, but words make people and people can remake the world; therefore words can remake the world. CWSC through its think tank processes is building upon the legacy of Al-Islam and the historical and clear evidence that the global intellect of man was re-sparked by the Revelation of the Noble Qur’an and that such intellectual benchmarks as the “scientific method” and that tool that makes the information age possible, the zero cipher with its decimal positioning introduced to the West in the 12th century, are sufficient alone to convey the power of Al-Qur’an to inspire the intellect. 

So today, we need a modern renaissance and CWSC is helping to strike the spark. To once again bridge the compass points with science and human excellence. Every CWSC focus team is a think tank unto itself, but it is the Intake & Review Team comprised of all CWSC Interim Directors that serves as the pathway for incoming ideas to be vetted by CWSC for study and recommendation to a focus team for further analysis. Included in the process:

• Vetting economic and others proposals, especially group economic propositions aimed at our communities and institutions.

• Helping protect our communities from scams and other unsavory practices.

• Developing a system for receiving, evaluating and proposing further development and research by the author or proposer of a strategy.

• Helping determine the priorities for allocating intellectual energies, time and other resources based on available CWSC assets and people.

• Encouraging the concentric circle principle of prioritization when recommending focus teams adopt an issue for study or other action.

• Helping determine when a joint team effort might be called for when attacking a problem or exploiting an opportunity.

• Acting as a national clearing house for ideas and recommending a disposition action of either adoption as a current project requiring immediate attention; an intermediate-range project that is to be tabled now and revisited; or a long-range project to be tabled now and revisited until sufficient resources present or until other conditions precedent are met that facilitate adoption and realization of a proposed idea.

Establishing and publishing prescribed response times to individuals or institutions submitting ideas to CWSC.

• Helping teams identify the true deficiency or need before prescribing the solution, such that the need might be met through the execution of a program requiring less investment and lag time between idea and reality, rather than opting for brick and mortar structures for example as the first-thought approach.

Encouraging use of conventional and the latest research methods in team creative thinking and brainstorming with Qur’anic-based problem solving.


All Interim Directors/Directors

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