The Female Solution: Your Teenage Daughter Is Pregnant, How Should You Respond?


You have done everything you know how to teach your daughter respect for her body and her future. But something happened you didn’t expect. Your daughter fell in love with a boy who has learned no family values. Your teenage daughter Is  now pregnant, How should you respond?  Some boys are every father’s nightmare – no morals, no sense of responsibility, no family to urge them to do the righ thing, no knowledge of what the right thing is. What happens if your daughter falls in love with someone who is clearly not marriage material, yet is the father of her child? Some parents in the past have sent their daughters away to distant relatives. Some have made her get an abortion. Some have kicked her out of the house. What would you do? Today’s society is made up of children who’s teen mothers were put out of the house in all their ignorance and forced to raise a child without guidance or support. Many of today’s adults are still emotionally wounded from verbal and often physical assault from inexperienced, immature mothers. What would you do if it were your daughter?

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