The Female Solution: World Peace 2020 – Raising Children Without Racism


As our World Peace 2020 Campaign picks up momentum, we’ll be featuring guests from various counties with various inititiatives aimed at increasing understanding between people of different nationalities, languages and cultures as we strive to end war as an option to solving conflict by the year 2020. Today’s guest addresses the problem of global conflict at the root – with the children. William Hoover shares how his organization brings children rrom various countries together to build lifetime relationships in order to prevent future conflict between them.  In our first hour, co-hosts Imam Karriem Hameed and sister Munirah Habeel examine how we are raising children in America. Do we unconsiously, in our fear and memories of racial descrimination, teach our children to expect mistreatment from others? Do we make our children insecure and defensive by teaching them that people who are different are naturally prejudiced against them? Do we need to change what we say to our children about who they are and how others in the world perceive them? Do we need to arrange more international travel for our children at an earlier age? Do we stereotype people from other countries? How can we, as parents, prepare our children for a world without racism?

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