THE FEMALE SOLUTION w/NAIMAH LATIF: Are Women Jealous of Physically Attractive Women?


Physical beauty. It’s what women accentuate in order to attract a mate, and share love with tht special person. In today’s society, the apparent imbalance in the numbers of women over men create a feeling of competition among women that at times can become so severe that a physically attractive woman is often despised as a threat to another woman who fears the beautiful woman can “take away her man.” This attitude is manifesting in the behavior of school girls, who often get into fights, pulling hair and scratching and disfiguring the faces of girls who they jealously resent for being attractive. They are learning these attitudes from their mothers. Are we, women, hostile toward other women that the society has labled as “beautiful”?  Later in our show we’ll be joined by Wanda Carter, producer of the TV show Woman2Woman, which will be joining with the Female Solution radio show on Sundays 5pm to 7pm to discuss this and other topics with a panel of women. Sisters, do we treat each other badly because of jealousy? Let’s talk about it…woman2woman. 

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