The Female Solution: What Families Face When Mothers Run For Public Office


As we continue the celebration of Women’s History Month, we take a look at the role of women in political life, particularly during this period of time when so many issues have surfaced regarding the treatment of women. Dilara Sayeed, candidate for Illinois State Representative of the 5th District, is a Muslim woman who has stepped forward and faced controversies.  Can she address the issues of discrimination against women, against Muslims, against immigrants, and against those who are not affluent? Later in our show she’ll join us to discuss the challenges of a Muslim woman running for office. In our first hour, we’ll take a look at leadership and how men feel when women step up to positions of leadership. Are Muslim men inclined to have a more patriarchal view when it comes to politics? Let’s be honest, brothers, we have to talk about it even if it’s uncomfortable.

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