The Female Solution: What Does It Take To Be A Good Foster Parent?


Have you ever taken care of a child that was not your own for a significant amount of time – perhaps the child of a relative or neighbor that was having difficulty? Was it a challenging experience? We see it from the perspective of an adult who perhaps feels exasperated when children misbehave out of emotional distress. But what about the child’s point of view? How does it feel when your parents are going through medical, emotional, financial or legal difficulties and can’t take care of you? What if they die unexpectedly? What happens when you become a Ward of The State? For author Necia Stallworth, as a child in perpetual foster care, she felt like she had simply been thrown away. She shares with us her soon to be released book “Throwaway” and prompts the question, What is our responsibility as a community to take good care of children when their parents can’t? 

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