The Female Solution: What Does A Spiritual Partnership Really Look Like?


Our world has changes and along with those changes come an evolution in personal relationships. Marriage is no longer based on traditional roles – breadwinner, man, housekeeper, woman. It is no longer based on financial dependency. It is no longer based on the religious indoctrination of guilt and shame surrounding sex outside of marriage.  Male and female adults are both enjoying professional careers, and can cook and clean their own hoes. They are both able to take care of themselves, and are free to be sexually intimate without societal judgement. So why get married? Perhaps todays marriages are more in tune with the real spiritual purpose of a union between two people. Marriage is a spiritual partnership, a pledge to be the loving companion and source of emotional support during this journey through physical life, until one of you departs. It’s based on a much deeper principal than sexual attraction, wealth, or status. And yet, most adults have not been socialized to seek a spiritual partnership as the driving force for marriage. So what does today’s marriage, the spiritual partnership, really look like? And how do we prepare men and women for this new definition of marriage?   

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