The Female Solution: What Do You Wish Your Parents Had Told You About Intimate Relationships?


Our children grow up so fast these days, and it seems that they know about sexual intimacy before they get out of Kindergarten. With all the uncensored multi media images, it seems parents don’t need to have “that talk” about “the birds and the bees” anymore. But, even with all the exposure, we as men and women still don’t know anything about each other when we get together to try to form a permanent relationships. Do parents ever really prepare their children for the opposite sex? Do they talk about how to handle intense emotions, how to be sensitive to the other ones feelings when expressing a criticism, how to not try to make someone jealous just to see if they care, how to say “I love you,” how to respond if you don’t feel the same way, how to deal with rejection, how to even propose marriage, how to know if someone is interested?  Are we still letting our children go through trial and error in their relationships? What do you wish your parents had honestly told you in your teen years that would have helped you make better choices in your personal life? What will you tell your children about relationships?

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