The Female Solution: Under What Conditions Would You Re-marry Your Ex Spouse?


Today’s Quran reading is from Surah 11, Hud, Ayat 6 and Surah 12, Yusef, up to Ayat 52. In our second hour, we will discuss these verses afterwards. In our third hour, as we strive for spiritual growth this month, the issue of forgiveness often arises. Can we forgive the person closest to us, if such forgiveness would affect our lves and the lives of our children and children’s children? Many marriages fall apart because the husband and wife married during a time in their lives when both were immature and lacking in the knowledge and training in how to resolve conflicts. The broken families have a devastating economic effect on our communities, as couples lose homes they once purchased together, and each now struggles to llive separately, often passing on the poverty of a broken family to their children. Many former spouses still love each other but simply don’t have the emotional tools to help them reconcile. Years later, both can look back and see how they might have handled things differently.  Knowing what you know now, under what conditions would you re-marry your ex-spouse?

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