The Female Solution: The Role of Women In Spreading The Culture of Peace


As we continue through our daily readings of The Holy Quran during this month of Ramadan, at Surah 15, al Hijra, Ayat 1 up to Sura 16, Al Nahl, Ayat 128, we reflect on the purpose of this revelaton in bringing peace to a war torn society. What does the culture of peace look like? In our second hour, we’ll hear from members of the HWPL International Women’s Peace Group. who are part of a global movement to change the culture through the establishment of “Peace Schools” and the creation of programing that promotes cooperation rather than competition. International Peace Advocates are making a special trip from South Korea to the U.S., to visit leaders in New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles to strategize for world peace. What is the role of women in spreding the culture of Peace? Do we collectively have the power to end wars across the world? How? 

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