The Female Solution: Sexual Harrassment – When Does Flirtation Go Too Far?


High profile officials are being accused of sexual harrassment and many are being pressured to resign from their jobs. Members of Congress find themselves exposed for indecent behavior years, even decades after the occurrence. This is certainly a revolutionary sign for America, women coming forth to say that someone’s unwanted advances were in violation of their dignity. There was a time when every woman was considered fair game for every man to flirt with, even feel on, and women often took it in silence, fearful of losing jobs or hoping to gain promotions if they “played along.” those days are gone, but many men still don’t know when their flirtations have crossed the line and become harrassment. Women can’t live their lives confined from public view or restricted from access to public places just so they won’t be subjected to rude, vulgar comments or inappropriate touches. Are men also subected to sexual harrassment? What are some universal rules of conduct we can agree to follow so that no one steps out of bounds? Our relationship advisors Imam Karriem Hameed and Sister Munirah Habeel examine current cultural standards of acceptable behavior to determine what needs to be modified so that all may feel safe from disrespectful, unwanted sexual advances.

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