The Female Solution: Overcoming Fear of Commitment, Rejection and Separation

On Commitment

We spend our entire adult lives trying to either recreate the joy or avoid the pain of our childhood. If we grew up in a family where there was love and acceptance, this increases the likelihood that we will seek and find a mate who reflects that same experience for us. But if we grew up in a family where there was rejection, criticism, harsh treatment, neglect, abandonment or an early death, we may likely seek out and find a mate who either recreates the pain we experienced or we avoid committed relationships altogether because we don’t want to repeat a painful childhood memory. Sometimes, if we grew to understand that the parents who raised us were emotionally dysfunctional in some way, we make a conscious choice to select a mate who reflects a better state of emotional health. Otherwise, we repeat patterns of pain, unconsciously trying to correct what happened to us as children. Simply hearing that “marriage is half the faith” does not help one who is religiously trying to follow the tenets of ones religion do the necessary self-examination to determine why relationships fail. There is a reason why many cannot get married and stay married. Today our relationship advisors will help us through the process of removing self-criticism and self-condemnation and get to the root of our fear of marriage so that we may heal. Then we can and seek and find emotionally healthy compatible spouses.

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