The Female Solution: Is Your Ego Preventing You From Reconciling With Your Ex?


Are you ending a relationship because neither of you will apologize? Often our relationships could last if we could just be humble enough to admit being at fault and strive to make amends. If you find yourself going from one broken relationship to another, if you are in and out of marriages, if you are tired of being an “ex” perhaps its time to examine a pattern of behavior. Were the reasons for your breakup really that bad or did one or both of you simply refuse to give in? Do you still love the person you left? Do you believe they still love you? What would it take to reconcile? Our relationship advisors Imam Karriem Hameed and Sister Munirah Habeel take a look at the ego and the role it plays in making people too stubborn to make amends after an argument. Later, Familly Law Attorney Wendelin DeLoach joins us to share some common situations she has observed during divorce court cases. With a little bit of counseling, can our marriages be saved?

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