The Female Solution: Is She After Your Man? Confronting “The Other Woman”


Many societies around the world embrace a culture that literally pits women against each other in competition for the love of a man, by definining marriage as one person possessing another. In communities where single women far outnumber single men, this leaves a lot of women left out since a man can choose only one wife, even if there are several women he is emotionally involved with. The idea of females competing for males exists nowhere in nature accept among the human species, where girl children are raised to believe they must earn the right to be loved by being physically attractive enough. This culture of competition for mates among women is destructive to the development of healthy self esteem in women and often results in girls becoming mean spirited and jealous of each other, causing a rise in violence between girl children. The culture of women competiting for love continues into adulthood as daughters watch their mothers get angry and even divorce their fathers if they discover another woman is a part of his life.  The divorce rate among African American couples has risen to 70%. How can we build a thriving economy in our communities when the families are broken? How do we stop this culture of competition and embrace a culture of cooperation? As women, can we embrace a healthier definition of marriage and family that includes rather than excludes? How do we make peace with “the other woman” in a way that prevents families from being destroyed?

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