The Female Solution: Introducing the first annual “GOOD MAN AWARDS”


A good man is hard to find,” so the saying goes. How does a woman find a “Good Man” these days? Our relationship advisors Imam Karriem Hameed and sister Munirah Habeel will give us insight on how to judge whether a man is of good character. Later, we’ll talk to our guests, Marcus Singleton who will share his experience of finding a wife through online dating services, and Justin Blake who will tell us about a special group of men who organize community events to uplift our children.  

There are actually a lot of “good men” out there, ordinary men who are doing the extraordinary work of taking care of their families, loving their wives, teaching their children and setting a good example for their neighbors with kindness, compassion and generousity. We’ll be honoring them next Fathers Day, 2018, as we introduce the First Annual Female Solution GOOD MAN AWARDS. We’ll talk about the criteria and nomination process on the show today. Our acronym for a good MAN is:

M- Married, giving the legal status and public recognition as part of his family to the woman he loves by making her his Wife.

A – Attentive to the needs of his family, extended family and community, willing to help and serve as necessary.

N – Nurturing to his children, giving them love, guidance and protection whether they are biologically his or not. 

To participate in the nomination process, go to The Female Solution Facebook Page, Like our page and you will be able to nominate and vote on the nominees.  

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