The Female Solution: How To Give Your Child Real Spiritual Understanding


Parents struggle to impart faith in their children, through the practice of prayer, attending worship services, reading from their holy books, and constant admonishment to follow rules. But even with all of this, a child is a soul with free will and may choose not to follow the path laid down by parents. This can be a source of great frustration. If a child refuses to say prayers, you can threaten the child with punishment, such as taking away a toy or privelege, or even threaten physical punishment when they are little. But will instiling fear of punishment truly connect the soul of the child to Allah, the Divine being, the Source of life we call God?  Our task is to help our children find that which is already inside of them. Our challenge is to help them hear the voice of God and follow it as a way of life, and not just follow a ritual out of fear of parental condemnation. Today we’ll examine the way we have taught spirituality to our children, and consider a different incentive to use other than fear of punishment from a vengeful God. What if we taught our children that they themselves are a unique expression of God?  What if a spiritual teacher from the past was able to come to us today to correct our misinfomation about ourselves and our Creator?  Today we’ll share information from books by author Tina Louis Spaulding and share some of her works as a trance channeler, bringing information from those who desire to help us as a human family evolve out of fear and into love.

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