The Female Solution: How To Be Friends With Your Ex After The Divorce


Decades ago, in order to get a divorce, a couple had to show where one of them had committed an egregious act – adultery, physical abuse, mental cruelty – you couldn’t just decide you were tired of that person and wanted to be single again. In order to end a marriage, someone had to be at fault. Even if you spent the minimum getting into a marriage, it was a costly process to get out of it. And then came the “No Fault” divorce, where couples could just cite “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the breakup. This made the process of divorce easier, but it didn’t lessen the emotional pain. Couples often part as bitter enemies, as one or both of them are angry that the relationship didn’t last, and usually each one is blaming the other. With such bitterness, men and women are often unable and unwilling to rebuild a friendship for the sake of the children, and even for the inlaws who still may be emotionally attached to the ex spouse.  What are the steps to rebuilding a friendship with your ex? Are there some circumstances in which you shouldn’t?

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