The Female Solution: How Do We Protect Our Children In Foster Care?


In Islam we are admonished to protect the rights of the orphaned children. An orphan is any child who has lost one or both parents. The Foster Care system in America was supposedly designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children whose parents were in a state of distress and could not properly care for them. The distress might be caused by alcohol or drug abuse, leading to the physical abuse, sexual abuse,neglect or abandonment of the child. The distress might becaused by a disaster such as a fire or flood that led to injury or loss of life of the parents. A foster family is given monetary compensation for the temporary care of a child, and on paper, this seems like a good, compassionate idea to help children. But the horror stories coming from children who have been in foster care are heartbreaking. Parents striving to overcome economic hardship are often penalized by the removal of their children from their homes, and stigmatized for their poverty by a court system that grants custody of their children to the State. Children are often bounced from one home to the next, sometimes physically and emotionally abused, and psychologically damaged for the rest of their lives. Later in our show we’ll talk to families who are struggling to repair the damage to their children who have been through the foster care system. First we’ll discuss our collective responsibility as a community to care for the orphaned children.

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