The Female Solution: Can A Couple From Different Faiths Make A Marriage Work?


Often two people will meet, fall in love and desire to get married, but a major difference stands in the way: organized religion. A relationship with God would seem to be universal, in tht there are universal principles of good and right conduct; honesty, compassion, etc. However, hen both people are seriously into an organized religion that demands strict allegiance to a set of beliefs and practices, can they create a harmonious marriage? Or will disagreements about the tenents of their faith get in the way? We take a look at two couples, a Muslim man with a Jewish woman, and a Muslim woman with a Christian man. Can it work? Later, we’ll look at the international efforts of the Heavenly Culture, World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) organization as delegates from the U.S. plan to attend a global peace conference. Chicago Director Shin Sook Kim discusses her use of interfaith religious dialogue to bring peaceful resolution to differences of opinion between faith leaders. Don’t forget to let your thoughts be known to host Naimah Latif, call in 515-605-9891.

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