The Female Solution: Be A Mentor and Change A Child’s Life!


Did you know that 85% of youth in detention centers come from fatherless homes? Did you know that 82% of teenage girls who get pregnant come from fatherless homes? The absence of fathers in the home has had a tremendous impact on the emotional well being of our children. Perhaps you are single, or married with no children, or married with children, but whatever your situation is, you can take a little time to make a big difference. Something as small as taking a child on a trainride down town, taking a child to an elegant restaurant, taking a child to a museum, even taking a child on an overnight camping trip can change that child’s life forever. Today we talk to Rashidah Ali of Grassroots Organization, Inc. about the power of mentoring, and later we talk to a dedicated couple, Coach Ernest Radcliff and his wife Tanya and how their work with youth has produced winning sports teams and inspired children to continue to make good choices in life.

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